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Read her rundown on state actions here. The generic drugs could then be exported to countries outside the EU, our European colleague Katie Jennings writes. Manufacturers could also stockpile generics for sale in the EU six months ahead of when the product loses EU patent extension protections. The proposal, opposed by the brand drug industry, still needs to be approved by the Council of the EU. This final step is largely a formality and expected to occur by June at the latest. The Phase 1 clinical trial is testing the gene-editing technology as a way to help fight cancers like myeloma, melanoma and sarcoma.

The news comes after the November scandal over a Chinese researcher who claimed he edited the hereditary genes of two embryos with CRISPR technology. Pfizer drugs took the next three slots: Lyrica, Xeljanz and Chantix. But the report notes that next year's assessment may look different, since Pfizer has decreased ad spending for the Lyrica, which faces increased competition after losing patent protection. Doug Andres is moving over to Sen.

Andres previously worked for former House Speaker Paul Ryan. Amar Bhat , who has held multiple executive positions with the foundation, will take over as interim executive director. FDA issued draft guidance outlining considerations for the use of metal alloy nitinol in medical devices.

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Skip to Content. Print Share. Latest Drug Information Updates. Value men over women; thin skinned corporation. Lack of advancement for women. They will choose a man over a woman even though the woman is more qualified. The compensation is pretty good and that can make up for the misogyny. Corporate does not do its job.

HR is disorganized. Can't seem to get things corrected. Upper management is thin skinned and take things as an a front.

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Get stuck being angry about U stroked egos versus problem solving and addressing concerns to increase sales and profitability. Great place to get experience with managers and sales. Bayer has taught me a lot about how to approach customers and managers. The only reason i am looking for another employer is the hours and the pay rate. I love my boss and what i do everyday.

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Great Pharmaceutical Company. I loved working with doctors and their staff. This was an excellent company to work for with great benefits. Helping doctors help their patients feel better is very rewarding. My coworkers were a fun group of people. I enjoyed seeing them when we had division meetings. Bayer was a great place to work until they went on the New York stock market.

Once they went on the stock market the whole culture changed. They were no longer about keeping their employees or their clients happy. They were all about keeping their investors happy. It took the fun out of the job and many people left, including myself. I worked my territory independently, except when my manager rode with me. I promoted Bayer products to physicians in their offices and in the hospitals. As an Institutional Sales Specialist I primarily called on hospitals. I would see the physicians, residents, and fellows in their clinics and in their offices. I would sponsor lunches and dinners for the various departments for things like Journal Club.

Occasionally, I would be able to observe a surgery if we had a product that could benefit the patient. I would catch the physicians and pharmacists any where I could, especially those that had more say in hospital politics. The best place to work - ever. A great company.

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Work Life Balance. Development Opportunities. Career Advancement.